SEO and Internet Marketing News Roundup – Friday 16 October

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This week I attended a small networking event that included a talk about how important a good CRM system can be to your business. This got me thinking about the fact that as search marketers we never really get involved with the back end of the conversion process. We’re the glory boys in some respects – get people to the website and encourage action but if processes aren’t in place to do something with these leads then you’ve just wasted a heap of cash!

So today I encourage everyone to take a look at not only integrating their media mix but also their back end systems. Get web leads to parse straight into your CRM tool, have live stock numbers listed on your e-commerce site, allow customers to view previous purchases! Full integration – that’s my new mantra! If you’re still unsure about this and you are an SME in need of understanding more about CRM integration then do please check out this innovative kiwi company: which I think is my first plug!

Anyway on to today’s exciting news about search engines, web news and the like!

First is a gadget. Hot on the tail of the iPhone and the G-phone comes the equally ridiculously named BlackBerry Storm. Touch screen and full web browsers seem to be the future of mobile. More reason to ensure that your website is mobile compliant and look at i-mproving your mobile search if you think people might need your products or services on the move!

Bit of a techie article but a really important part of SEO. This article explains the problem of canonicalization. Please have a quick read, ensure you don’t have any canonicalization issues and then forget about it! URL Canonicalization: The Missing Manual

Last week I wrote about Firefox’s plans to integrate location software into their browser. Well the beta version was released today. Feel free to download it but if your machine dies – not my fault! New Firefox beta even faster than FF3

One thing within AdWords that has really caught our attention is the new feature that allows you to build your own image ad in a matter of minutes. No more long lead time for a banner for that tactical campaign. Build your own display ads in minutes. If you’re willing to give this a go let me know!

This article is a bit of a Google sales tool but there are some interesting take-outs from this posting. Worth a read if you have a quiet minute. Giving Your Competitors the Advantage? Website Optimization in Tough Times

Well, once again have a great weekend and until next time I’ll leave you with my website of the week. Everyone’s heard of flickr but my tip for this week is you ever need a great image or photo for a presentation try flickr. There are literally thousands upon thousands of copyright free images on the site that you can download and use! Great for those last minute rushes!

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