SEO and Internet Marketing News Roundup – Friday 21 November

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Thought I’d start today with a couple of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” stories. Firstly, the long anticipated (if you like that kind of thing) new Guns and Roses album is being debuted on MySpace before general release: Web debut for Guns N’ Roses album. Nice to see innovation where you least expect it!

Secondly, the BBC has finally succumbed to pressure to air certain programmes over the internet at the same time as on television. I think this is a major step forward and hope that TVNZ follow suit soon: Main BBC channels go live on net

As touched upon a couple of weeks ago YouTube is exploring new avenues of making their website profitable. This article which I came across the other day does a great job of explaining these options. Not available in NZ yet, but we will start adding this to schedules next year as I think this will be a powerful means of getting messages across to certain demographics, especially for FMCG brands. All backed up by search of course! YouTube Unveils Two New Ad Options

Bit more serious now with a great article that looks at the pillars of a successful internet strategy. This looks at much more than just search, but in fact can be boiled down to: Data + Software + Skills + Network = Internet Marketing Success. Imperative to ask these sorts of questions to your digital marketing company. 4 Components of a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

Over the last couple of months Google had been talking a lot about the fact that it can now index flash content. We had been initially a little sceptical but does seems that Google is starting to take Flash much more seriously with an announcement of a simplified solution for tracking Flash content for everyone, called Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe Flash. Google Gets Flashy, Will It Take Adobe?

If you only have time to read one article please read this one! Without experimentation you get stagnation, and no innovation. And there is no better place to test ideas than online. Experiment or Die. Five Reasons And Awesome Testing Ideas.

People like to search. That much is fact. And people like and trust Google. So with this in mind, if your website has an internal search function firstly test it to see if it is any good. If it isn’t (and it probably isn’t!) then think seriously about implementing Google’s site search. It works, and people are used to the interface, and they have as you will see from the article below have just added some pretty cool new functionality. New Google Site Search Functionality: Initial Thoughts

I’m in the process of planning my holiday to Dubai next March for the Sevens which reminded me of this fantastic Web 2.0 website, which is this week’s website of the week that allows you to organise travel plans neatly and quickly. Also, automatically builds itineraries with all your plans, weather, maps, restaurants and more. Give it a go next time you go off on holiday…

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