SEO and Internet Marketing News Roundup – Friday 26 September

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Well, Friday again, and another exciting week in the world of web and search marketing! It would be difficult not to start with the launch of the “Google phone” although from all accounts, it’s a case of “nice try, but better luck next time!”.

For me however the best Google fact of the week is this startling piece of information: “13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute”

This is from an in-depth article on how Google sees the future of online video… For those without a calculator this means that each week 131,040 hours of video content is added to YouTube. Hope Google has some pretty large server capacity!

Everybody who receives this email probably uses one or more social network, be it Facebook, LinkedIn or maybe even MySpace, but this article gives a really great overview about who around the globe uses social networks and how the users interact with advertising. You might not be thinking about social networks as an important marketing tool at the moment but don’t be afraid to get involved! Social Networking – A Global Perspective

This article is incredibly valid for a NZ audience. One of the biggest challenges we face is tracking “click to bricks” traffic. I.e. a browser who researches online who then buys offline. This article gives a number of tips that to measure offline impact (conversions) from your online channel: Tracking Offline Conversions: Hope, Seven Best Practices, Bonus Tips

One of the things that you may or may not know is that for some time now Google has been customizing your search results based upon your preferences, search history, geographical location, previous query, etc. etc. This is unimportant for most but Google now will tell you if the result you have has been customized so you have an option to revert to a normal result. Google Now Notifies Of “Search Customization” & Gives Searchers Control

Interested in knowing what the next big music battle is going to be. Well the first salvo has been shot from MySpace with their launch this week of MySpace Music. Fundamentally, Add tracks to your profile, public, and private playlists and play them as many times as you want for free. Going to be interesting to see how Apple reacts…

As you may already have deduced, I’m quite keen on the whole idea of cloud computing. The idea of having all my digital information, (including music, video, data as well as the usual suspects of documents and email) available from anywhere I am, using any number of devices is incredibly attractive. One company in the USA has really taken this whole cloud computing very seriously by moving their whole IT function online by:

Read more about their experiences click here… Keep your head in the clouds

Finally this week if you are interested in winning $10,000,000 then look at Project 10 to 100. Google is looking for ways to change the world… If you have an idea that you think could change the world, get your entry in quick!

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