SEO and Internet Marketing News Roundup – Friday 28 November

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I hardly ever get to point you to an article from a NZ source so I was pleased to find this interview with the head of Google Australasia in yesterdays Herald online. Probably the most insightful question is “Whom do you blame for the discrepancy between the large amount of time people spend online and the small amount companies spend advertising online? “.

Apart from the news that the NZ Herald knows what Google is the big news of the week is the (rather sketchy) launch of Google’s Search Wiki: the biggest change to their search engine since, well since ever! If you’re not familiar with SearchWiki then in a nutshell it is Google’s new feature that allows for users to organize search results and make comments. I.e. if you often do a search for say “weather nz” and the top search result is from a website you don’t like you can delete that entry so it never shows up again and even let the rest of the world know you don’t like that website!” The reorganized results only show up for the user that made the changes, but the comments are made public. Hope that’s clear! Well if not have a read of some of the articles below that might explain it a little clearer than me!

Google SearchWiki 101: An Illustrated Guide

Google’s SearchWiki Is Here To Stay: Is This The Death of SEO?

I for one never really saw the value of twitter, unless you are a celebrity or business guru that would impart words of wisdom that I really wanted to listen to, but even then I found that I became really bored of reading about the tediousness of people’s lives! But these two articles have (kind of) brought to life how twitter could become a genuinely useful tool.

I Can’t Believe Some People Are Still Saying Twitter Isn’t A News Source

First Hand accounts of terrorist attacks on twitter

If any of you are blogging or thinking of blogging then have a read of this handy guide to making your blog more engaging from Google: For bloggers

Many of our clients here at SureFire are B2B focused and therefore like this article states sometime find it difficult justifying the value of search engine optimization (SEO) to senior level executives. This article gives a great overview of ways to prove and demonstrate the effectiveness of SEO. Measuring the Effectiveness of B2B SEO

If you’re looking to “gen” up on your digital marketing over the Christmas holidays then take a look at this list to see if anything takes your fancy: Best Books on Social Media

As for website of the week. Well, we are all familiar with open source software such as Linux, and open source Content management systems but last week I came across this open source ecommerce platform which in a word incredible. If you are looking at an e-commerce platform then you could do a lot worse than this:

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