"Search Marketing sucks"

We don't agree, but understand why you might feel this way...

You’ve had too many infuriating phone calls from aggressive commission-driven sales people touting SEO or Google AdWords as some sort of universal panacea.

Or you've been stung by the charlatans our industry unfortunately attracts. Someone who was only out to make a quick buck at your expense, instead of delivering on the outrageous promises they make to win business at any cost.

We understand why you may feel this way.

But as professional search marketers who have worked in this industry almost since its inception we‘d like to change your view.


The best agency I have ever worked with

In the almost three years that I used SureFire, they increased our revenue every single month. SureFire is the best agency I have ever worked with, and certainly the best in Auckland. I recommend SureFire to anyone.

Angerie van Wyk - Marketing Manager, Auckland Airport

Second to none

When looking for a digital agency partner there are many choices in the search space but Surefire has maintained an edge in the market. Their ability to look at an organisation's sales objectives and proactively put forward recommendations is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a search agency to help maximise your online ROI.

Damien Smyth - Marketing Manager - Honda Motorcycles, Blue Wing Honda

Really happy with the results

We turned to SureFire because we needed to be confident in the SEO advice we were getting. Working with SureFire was a very positive experience, and we were really happy with the results.

Abel Butler - Director, Ecommerce & Strategy, HealthPost

Our sales leads increased

SureFire applied a wide breadth of experience and knowledge to our campaigns, and our sales leads increased measurably. I would recommend SureFire to other businesses. They’re a responsive, proactive team who move with the times.

Hashila Gordon - Senior Marketing Specialist Navman Wireless

Very impressed

We’ve been very impressed with the SEO campaign SureFire devised and executed for us. The TVNZ website has experienced significant increases in traffic since the re-launch. A key element of this growth has been driven by organic search traffic.

Tom Cotter - General Manager Content and Delivery, TVNZ

A great result

SureFire took on a potentially difficult project with Warehouse Stationery's Google Analytics and managed to deliver a great result, at all times delivering high levels of professionalism and expertise.

Peter Barnett - Business Market Manager, Warehouse Stationery

Our SEM is in good hands

Engaging SureFire to look after our search marketing was an easy decision and it’s proven to be the right one. As well as delivering great results they keep us up to date on industry trends and best practice. It's given me time to focus on other projects and marketing activities while knowing that our SEM is in good hands.

Chris Liew - Online Marketing Manager. Unitec

Performance improved dramatically

With the switch to SureFire Freeview’s campaign performance improved dramatically. Proactive ongoing campaign optimisation by SureFire meant that Freeview website visitor numbers grew substantially but the cost per visitor dropped significantly - even with SureFire's campaign management fee included.

Sam Irvine - Managing Director, Freeview TV

You get what you pay for

Within our first month working together our results were staggering. For the first time, we had a partner that gave a damn about achieving results we required and not just an invoice. We now have a first-class partner that has delivered us savings through both acquisition and CPC campaigns. You get what you pay for.

Daniel Painter - Managing Director, Navigate Travel

Here's Why Search Marketing Doesn't Have to Suck

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    We don’t make outbound calls interrupting people and touting for work (although, to be honest, there was a time when we did)
  • check
    We measure our performance on metrics that matter. Things that make a tangible difference to a business, rather than just vanity metrics, like rankings
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    For us, it's essential we're the right fit for our clients. We want to be a trusted partner, rather simply another supplier
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    If we don’t think search marketing will make a difference to your business or you’d be better off investing in other channels, we’ll tell you and happily walk away
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    We don’t take on any and all jobs. In fact, we’re pretty selective about the work we take on. And, for the most part we work with medium to large organisations.
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    We’ve been operating since 2002, so we know what works. And more importantly, what doesn’t.

What if, instead of always trying to find your next customer, your customers came looking for you?

That’s the beauty of search engine marketing – your website is put in front of the people most likely to become your customers, right at the time they are actively looking for your products and services. No wonder search marketing usually outperforms all other forms of marketing (online and offline) when you want to get new customers.

Most people use a search engine to find information online. If you want them to find your website, you need to ensure your site is prominent in Google for the search queries most relevant to your business.

You may also want to reach people who might become customers but aren’t yet actively searching for your products and services.

Or perhaps you’re already getting plenty of visitors. But you need help improving your website’s effectiveness in converting these visitors into sales leads or customers. You know that something needs to be fixed but you don’t know where to start.

Find out more about our services, and how we help businesses like yours who want to increase website traffic, gain new customers and improve website conversions.


If we sound like the sort of partner you’d like driving your search marketing results let’s talk.

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