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No More First Thing Monday

We have discontinued our weekly blog posts and associated 'First Thing Monday' email updates about search marketing news.If you need to keep yourself up-to-date, you can turn to a few of the many sources

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Google Ads introduces ‘ad strength’ indicator & reporting for responsive search ads

Google has pushed advertisers to have at least three ads per ad group for more than a year now, and responsive search ads are aimed at helping advertisers meet that goal.The new ad strength measures relevance,

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How Google’s automated ads perform

In a word (or three): not so good. Thanks to Brad Geddes at AdAnalysis, both for being brave enough to run a test and for sharing the results. As you might expect, Google aced it in getting great clickthrough

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Google ads get more headlines, longer text

Good news if you’re running Google Ads campaigns: later this month, Google will allow expanded text ads to have three headlines (not just two). And you can add a second description to your ad copy. Plus

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Running Google Display ads on mobile? Now you can’t stop them showing in mobile apps

Starting next month, Google is removing the option to exclude mobile apps when running Google Display Network campaigns — unless advertisers opt to exclude all mobile devices.You heard me.While

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Are Kids Killing Your Display Campaigns?

That’s right — blame it on the kids. But Caleb Hutchings at WordStream may be onto something, particularly if you’re seeing a lot of non-converting in-app clicks in your Google Ads display campaign.

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