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Raise your bids, please: Google revises AdWords algorithm

AdWords changes rolling out this month may mean advertisers pay higher Cost Per Click (CPC) prices for ads. Google is revising the threshold for its complicated ad ranking algorithm and what determines


Google Customer Reviews: get feedback; earn ratings

Google has rebranded its Trusted Stores programme, replacing it with a new Customer Reviews programme. It’s a free service, with minimal setup, and is available for retailers in New Zealand. You know


If your ad gets the sale, does it matter where it’s shown?

It’s the online marketers’ dilemma. Your display ads are part of a remarketing or programmatic campaign. And they’re getting good results — meeting target KPIs, with online revenues that much higher


Similar Audiences: Google extends Search Remarketing reach

Search remarketing can produce great results: after all, you’re targeting searchers who already know your website. That’s good, as far as it goes, but what if you want more of those searchers? What


Bigger now than Paid Search ads: Google Shopping

Retailers are now spending more of their AdWords budget on Google Shopping campaigns than on paid search text ads. In 2016, 53% of ecommerce retailers’ AdWords budgets went to Shopping ads; 47% to text


Analysing customer data — whose job is it, anyway?

What good is collecting customer data without analysis and, based on that analysis, action? None at all, not if you’re asking us. And yet nearly two-thirds (64%) of marketers say that while it’s their

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