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AdWords-YouTube integration now complete

Google last week completed integrating YouTube for AdWords into Google AdWords — more than three years after the product was launched. YouTube for AdWords, released in April 2012, promised to make it


Facebook Feeds get more Animated

Having opened the door to autoplay video ads, Facebook may now lift its ban on animated GIF ads. The company is allowing some brands to post animated GIFs as ads and page posts. Brands involved in the


AdWords to get Structured Snippets

Just when you thought Google had provided all the ad extensions any AdWords advertiser could need, there’s a new one: structured snippets. Based on the auto-generated dynamic structured snippets released


NZ CPCs not yet at $272 a click, but rising

Would you pay $272 per click for an AdWords keyword? That’s the price of the most expensive AdWords keyword in the US, according to competitor analysis firm AdGooroo. AdGooroo ranked “mesothelioma


Google showing more mobile ads

Google has confirmed reports it is now showing three ads, not two, on mobile search results for some queries. While two ads has long been standard, Google has tested showing three ads in the past. Now,


Facebook defends video view definition

We’ve commented before on the difference between what YouTube calls a video view (30 seconds, with the sound on), and what passes for one on Facebook. Now, for the first time, Facebook has publicly

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