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Google’s gift to NZ: Dynamic Remarketing

As regular readers of this blog know, Google Shopping has no scheduled launch date here in New Zealand, despite reported demand. Now, in a bid to substantiate the case for Google Shopping in this market,

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Google revises AdWords Quality Scores

Quality Score, Google’s estimate of ad and keyword merit, got an update last week — the first since July 2013. While the changes won’t affect the ad auction, new keywords will now start with a default

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NZ marketers: Digital ROI harder to measure

We’re getting more advanced in measuring digital, but we’re less confident measuring digital return on investment (ROI) than we were two years ago. That’s the somewhat surprising finding to be found

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Search terms that are (not provided) and what it means for your website SEO

Maybe you take a close interest in your website’s analytics.  Or perhaps you just get reports on how your business is doing online – that information comes from your web analytics. In either event,

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