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Dynamic Search Ads: AdWords Automation Upgraded

We’ve been lukewarm in our support for Google AdWords’ Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) before, so news that the oft-maligned automated ad product is getting some long overdue love from Google’s product


Reviews: Why You Need Them & How to Get More

Still sitting on the fence about including customer reviews on your website? You shouldn’t be! Maybe you’re worried about bad reviews. But you can’t please all the people all the time, as the old


Alive in Name Only: Google kills AdWords Exact Match

Should Exact Match still be called “Exact”? Advertisers are asking that question after Google announced changes designed to trigger more ad impressions and clicks from AdWords’ most frugal keyword


Brand advertiser backlash: Is Google doing enough?

Google has announced new measures designed to assure brand advertisers that their ads will not be shown alongside inappropriate content, on YouTube and other Google Display Network sites. But the question


Facebook levels playing field with Advanced Measurement

Facebook’s Advanced Measurement just might be a game changer for online advertisers wanting to know where to spend budget for best results. Now in testing, Advanced Measurement will soon be available


Google’s {IF} makes AdWords customised ads easy

Like money, Google never sleeps. Case in point: while yours truly (and this blog) were making the most of our summer vacation, Google quietly launched a powerful new customisation option for AdWords search

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