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Over-extended? New Promotion Extensions are coming

E-commerce sites will like this one: a new AdWords Promotion extension (now in beta) looks set for imminent release. Like other AdWords extensions, Promotion extensions add another line of promotional


Want more calls from AdWords? You got it

Last week Google announced changes to Click to Call ads and AdWords call extensions that make it more likely advertisers’ phones will ring. And that’s like it or not — even if they’d rather have


Google deadline for conversion reporting change nears

The day is fast approaching: March 15. Google announced back in September that the “Converted Clicks” reported in AdWords would soon be removed, and what was then “soon” is now imminent. Advertisers


AdWords Price Extensions now on all Devices

When Google first released price extensions last year, they were displayed on mobile devices only. They were subsequently updated to a swipe-able horizontal format, ideal for mobile users keen to quickly


Google Data Studio: Free gets more useful

What’s better than free? For the free version of Google’s data analytics and visualisation tool, first announced in March 2016, the answer to that question has always been obvious: unrestricted. Google


Google pulls Site Search; replacement comes with ads

It’s not the end of the world as we know it, but webmasters relying on Google Site Search might argue the point. On Tuesday they had an email from Google advising that Google Site Search (GSS) is to

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