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EU’s new privacy regulations to challenge advertisers

How well do you know the people online you are tracking? If your company is using third party data then the answer is not well enough — at least so far as the European Union (EU) is concerned. Soon advertisers


Google makes Responsive ads easier — and squarer

Google has introduced changes to AdWords Editor making it easier to create responsive ads from existing text ads. And where before a simple (1.91:1) landscape image was the sole requirement for a responsive


Compare Products (without leaving Google Search)

In its bid to provide search users with quick answers rather than require they follow links to various websites, Google is now showing product comparisons in search results. The move to make answers more


AdWords Customer Match lists now easier to maintain

Google has made it easier to add and remove email addresses from existing AdWords Customer Match audience lists. Now advertisers can simply upload a file to the list, completely replacing the list or


Google Shopping is now available here in NZ (finally)

Christmas came early for NZ retailers last week. Without announcement, Google (or perhaps Santa’s Little Helpers) secretly added Google Shopping functionality to their AdWords accounts. Google Shopping,


Instagram tests in-app shopping

Will we soon be calling it Shopagram? Instagram has announced a test with 20 brand name retailers that allows people in the US to select and purchase products from within an image. Brand posts enabled

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