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Global Paid Search Spend Up, as Cost Per Click prices fall

Despite lower Cost Per Click (CPC) prices, global paid search spend is up 13% on last year. The increase, according to a newly released infographic, is due to a rise in impressions (up 8%) and Clickthrough


Lost track of your online purchases? Ask Google

We’ve grown used to asking Google all sorts of things, whenever we have a question. Answers to questions we wouldn’t ask a know-it-all friend (because we want to be sure we get the right answer). Stuff


Brands prefer easy ways to boost site conversions

A/B testing, online surveys and copy optimisation are the most popular tactics for companies wishing to improve their online conversion rates. All are proving effective, and are easy to implement, with


Google brings Campaign Forecasting to AdWords

Addressing what has long been an issue for planning-minded advertisers, Google now provides forecasting and trend data for existing AdWords campaigns and keywords. Advertisers can now see the impact on


AdWords adds Click-to-Message extensions

Google has announced Click-to-Message ad extensions, letting mobile users text advertisers directly rather than phone or visit a site. As previously reported, the new extensions have been in beta testing


What’s Google got against plumbers and locksmiths?

Google is cracking down on fraud, requiring some businesses undergo a more stringent verification process to set up or retain their Google My Business listing. In a beta test currently limited to San

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