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Microsoft – Yahoo Marriage of Convenience About to End?

It’s not working! Speculation Yahoo wants to end its search partnership with Bing. Rumours Yahoo has built its own mobile search engine. Back in 2010 competitors Microsoft & Yahoo joined forces


Microsoft changes tack on ‘Do Not Track’

Microsoft has announced that future versions of its Internet Exporer web browser (and upcoming replacement, code-named Spartan) will no longer enable Do Not Track (DNT) by default. Other web browsers such


YouTube to Launch Ad-Free Paid Subscription Service

Even with a billion viewers, YouTube still isn’t profitable. Last year YouTube’s revenue grew to a massive $4 billion, up from $3 billion a year earlier. But after paying for content and investing


AdWords Phone Numbers Now Need Verification

Following the recent release of Call Only AdWords campaigns, Google will require (from June onwards) that all call and location extension phone numbers be verified. Businesses that have been through Google


.nz Domains: D-Day for registrations and reservations

If you haven’t already registered or reserved the .nz variant of your domain name, you’ll need to act fast. At 1pm today, preferential registration or reservation ends for those already owning a .co.nz,


Bing only showing one page of search results – maybe

It seems Bing is so confident in some of their search results they’ve removed the pagination links to additional search result pages. Last week Bing was seen showing only one page of search results for

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