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Google’s YouTube Brand Lift Insights Updated

A year after first release, Google’s Brand Lift has been updated to give YouTube advertisers more data on the impact their ads have had on consumers.   Brand Lift metrics have been expanded to


Mobilegeddon Double Whammy – mobile friendly pays off

Back in  April Google updated its algorithm to give mobile-friendly web sites preference in ranking for organic searches. This was given the melodramatic name “Mobilegeddon” due to the devastating impact


Solved – Subdomain tracking issue in Google Universal Analytics

Think you don’t need to configure Universal Analytics to track across subdomains? Google’s documentation for Universal Analytics says you don’t. But, as Reaktor’s Simo Ahava writes, Google’s


AdWords Location Extensions now including user ratings

Google has announced Google My Business user ratings are now eligible to be shown in AdWords’ Location Extensions. At this stage, however, ratings will only be shown on desktops and tablets. Ratings


Flash ads still showing on mobile devices, losing advertisers money

A global review of mobile advertising, the Sizmek Mobile Index 2015, is raising eyebrows with claims that in Q1 2015 some 5.35 billion ad impressions were wasted. The reason? Advertisers have been slow


Beware – hackers injecting spam into websites & tricking Google

Last week an IT security company discovered what appears to be a new spin on an old blackhat SEO trick used by spammers to fool Google and Google’s users. The old variation of this technique involved

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