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The perils of migrating your website to https (plus a fix)

Last August we advised readers that Google had revealed they would be giving secure websites a ranking boost to encourage webmasters to make their websites secure. Secure websites can be identified


Facebook debuts video ad revenue sharing programme

Facebook, now claiming 4 billion video views per day, is introducing a revenue sharing scheme for video creators. The company will match YouTube’s 45/55 revenue split and hopes to see higher quality


10-year partnership ends as Google loses AOL search to Bing

Microsoft has agreed a deal with AOL that has Bing replacing Google as search provider to America OnLine (AOL), starting January 2016. As part of the 10-year deal and confirmation of a renewed focus on


Google tackles accidental ad clicks with fixes for fat fingers

Google is now blocking clicks on mobile ads and in-app interstitial ads that are likely to be unintentional. Referencing third party studies that claim up to half of mobile ad clicks are accidental, Google


Why Yahoo could become your default web browser

Irrespective of whatever reservations some may harbour about Google’s increasing pervasiveness, the significant majority of internet users – at least English speakers – use Google as


Bing outdoes Google with new Video Search

In what Microsoft is calling “a modern makeover” Bing Video Search has introduced new functionality to make it a better starting point for finding video content than either YouTube or Google.com. What’s

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