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Bing plays follow the leader

Last week Bing announced that in the next couple of months they’ll follow Google’s lead and encrypt all search traffic by default. This means that any search traffic websites receive from Bing will


Ex-Googler’s new company will block Ad Blockers

Launched last week after a year of research and development, Sourcepoint is tackling the rising use of ad blocking software. The company – founded by ex-Google and former Admeld CEO Ben Barokas – provides


Google v NZ Customs: Bing is the winner

Google, as we all know, has a large number of restrictions and requirements as to which advertisers and what ads it will allow to run in Google AdWords. Companies that have their ads rejected, however,


Is Google stealing content from websites? “Quote, unquote”

We’ve discussed in the past Google’s gradual transition from a search engine into an answer engine.  Further evidence of this surfaced this week with Google adding a new direct answer box to the top


Apple Siri Proactive vs Google Now on Tap

Probably the biggest news coming out of Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) last week was the widely anticipated announcement that Apple Music will soon be launching to take on Spotify.


Impressive location-aware search enhancements from Google

Google show-cased a very cool new mobile search feature last week at the SMX Conference in Paris which demonstrated impressive advances in natural language search. Google knows a mobile phone users’

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