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It’s Official: Google makes Algorithm Change to reward Quality Content

Early last month, when some websites reported significant changes in their Google rankings and lost traffic, Google denied any changes to its ranking algorithm. Google now admits there was a change, with


Survey: Many NZ shoppers find it easier to buy offline

A new survey reports 45 percent of Australasian respondents have abandoned an online purchase due to difficulties, while 29 percent have given up on online shopping altogether, preferring to go to bricks


Should You Bid On Brand Terms?

A much debated topic is whether or not advertisers should bid on their brand terms in paid search. If your website is ranking highly in the search results for your brand then why on earth should you also


Twitter Now Prominent in Google Mobile Search Results

Earlier this month we mentioned that Google would soon again have access to the so-called Twitter ‘firehose’. This got rolled out last week & Google is now prominently showing Tweets in mobile


Wireless carriers to block mobile ads, targeting Google

Software that blocks most types of advertising on mobile devices is being deployed by European wireless carriers, according to a recent report in the Financial Times. The company behind the software, Israeli


New search analytics report from Google

A couple of years ago Google frustratingly stopped providing information about organic keyword performance in Google Analytics which it now simply reports as . As a result one of the most used components

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