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Apple taking the fight to Google in Search

As we reported back in Feb there is mounting speculation about Apple taking on Google with its own search engine. It increasingly looks like this could be the case with the recent discovery of a web crawling


Mobile Finally Overtakes Desktop

According to a report released last week by ComScore the number of mobile-only adult internet users in the US exceeded the number of desktop-only internet users for the first time ever in March. Just a


Google and Twitter teaming up

Back in February Twitter struck a deal to give Google direct access to Twitter’s so-called ‘firehose’ or data stream generated by Twitter’s 280+ million users. The amount of tweets


More than a quarter of search queries are phrased as questions

According to a new research study, some 27% of search engine queries are posed as questions, while half our queries are now four words or more in length. Amongst question formats, “how” is the most


Google wants advertisers to trust Estimated Store Visits

Retailers know that most AdWords clicks don’t result in an online sale, but how many of them lead to a store visit or offline purchase? To answer that question, Google launched AdWords Estimated Store


Yahoo-Bing Marriage Saved – For Now That Is…

As we’ve previously reported the Yahoo – Bing marriage of convenience has been on shaky ground and, five years into the 10 year arrangement, Yahoo has been aggressively renegotiating the deal which

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