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Kaaching! Google Making More Money than Ever from Advertisers

Last week Google announced financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2015. Google’s first quarter revenue was a staggering $17.3 billion, up 12% year on year. That’s the equivalent of $8 million


“Mobilegeddon” – Did the Earth Move for You?

Over the last few weeks there have been increasingly melodramatic headlines regarding the impending roll out of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm which many in the SEO world have given the somewhat


Google Changing the Look of Mobile Search Results

As everyone knows Google is rolling out a major algorithm update this week which will significantly impact websites that aren’t mobile friendly (essentially they’re likely to see major falls in their


Making Android Apps More Visible in Google Mobile Search Results

Did you know that Google also indexes the content of Apps? In fact Google has indexed 30 billion links within Android apps. Up to last week Google would include links to relevant apps in the mobile search


Google to Target Search Ads to Consumer Email Addresses

Facebook does it; Twitter does it; and now Google may do it too. The Wall Street Journal reports Google is talking to advertisers about targeting search ads to consumers’ email addresses and other first-party


Google’s AdWords Platform Improves Security

In a move designed to protect consumers privacy and security, Google has announced it will soon start encrypting all AdWords ads. Google started encrypting search results in 2011, and from launch Gmail

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