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Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan’s website trumps the Queen’s

Harry and Meghan’s website launched in January and in its first month attracted an astounding 1.7 million visits. On top of this, visitor engagement was better than the Queen’s website - in January

Google update - don't panic!

Google’s Major Update & What To Do

Google has rolled out a major algorithmic update which means there are winners and losers. Here's what to do if your site is negatively impacted... Google is continually tweaking its search algorithms.

HTTPS secure padlock in Chrome

Google Chrome dropping green ‘Secure’ lock on HTTPS sites

Google's push for websites to become secure is clearly working & HTTPS secure websites have become the new norm. Today more than 8 out of 10 webpages visited by people using Google's Chrome browser

Apple Maps

Reasons to choose Apple Maps over Google Maps

Chances are that you regularly rely on Google Maps to find your way around.There's no denying that Google Maps is incredibly powerful and useful. However, an article in 9to5Mac gives five reasons why Apple

Responding to review

Responding to Google My Business Reviews

There's plenty of research showing how influential online reviews are on peoples' purchasing decisions.In short, positive reviews attract and negative reviews repel potential customers. One of the most

Search versus social media as referral sources

Search Overtakes Social Media as Top Source of Traffic

Shareaholic is a US-based 'content amplification service' used by many websites to promote their content across social media platforms.Shareholic analysed referral traffic to over a quarter of a million

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