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Google fights back against Amazon

No, Google's biggest competitor is not Bing.Nor Facebook. By Google's own admission, it's Amazon. And the competition between the two has become increasingly evident. Today, about half of all

Google to pay more NZ tax

Google to pay more tax on NZ advertising revenues

NZ Government moves to crack down on tax avoidance by multinational firms are bearing fruit. Google and Facebook, which generate hundreds of millions of dollars in NZ, have each confirmed they will cease

Google Chrome AdBlocker targets 'annoying' ads

12 reasons Google will start blocking your ads – [and what to do about it]

It may strike you as odd that Google, the world’s biggest advertising company and which earns billions of dollars each year from online ads, is helping users block ads. This past week Google started


Accelerated Mobile Pages – on reflection, maybe not such a great idea…

When Google launched their AMP initiative (Accelerated Mobile Pages) we, like so many, lapped up the KoolAide Google served and thought it a great idea. Hey, anything that substantially speeds up websites


Google made over 1,600 changes to their search engine last year

I was asked this week how Google decides which sites to give top rankings in their search results. To clarify, the question wasn’t the normal, “What SEO actions do website owners need to do to rank


100 million reasons to secure your website with SSL

  During the weekend, you probably saw stories in the news about Google and Facebook being conned out of $100 million by an online scammer. If you haven’t, this article by the Guardian is worth

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