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Google’s Fight Against Webspam

  This week Google released its Webspam Report for 2016.  This gives insight into the top webspam trends and what Google is doing to fight it. Here’s a brief summary of key data points from the


How to rank high in Google Local Search Results

As we’ve mentioned previously, one very effective way to get high visibility on the first page of Google search results is to secure a spot in the ‘local 3-pack’. This is the three search listings


Squeeze more performance out of your website with this free Google tool

Some people think that maximising the performance and returns from their website simply involves driving more visitors to their website. Be that from SEO, AdWords, display advertising, Facebook or a combination


A new way to stand out in Google mobile search results

In mid-2016 Google launched what it calls “rich cards”. These were initially limited just to the USA, but this week Google has rolled them out globally. That now means certain types of NZ websites


Website hacking — it’s getting worse. Reduce the risk with Google

A sobering announcement from Google this week that 32% more websites got hacked in 2016 than in 2015. Furthermore, Google doesn’t expect this trend to slow down, but to get worse. If you have a website


Google Update! Really…Why the Surprise?

  In the SEO world, there are a number of tools which act a little like seismographs. But instead of detecting earthquakes these tools monitor fluctuations in Google search rankings. When these tools

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