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Google’s ongoing fight against spam
Last week Google revealed they sent out 6 million manual action messages to websites caught trying to manipulate search ranking[...]
What do the latest trends in video mean for marketers?
What does Meeker’s report have to say about the state of online video in 2018, and what new opportunities does[...]
Browsing in incognito mode isn’t nearly as private as you think
An unpleasant reality is that porn-related queries are some of the top searches done on Google. Therefore, this recent story[...]
Google Chrome dropping green ‘Secure’ lock on HTTPS sites
Google's push for websites to become secure is clearly working & HTTPS secure websites have become the new norm. Today[...]
Reasons to choose Apple Maps over Google Maps
Chances are that you regularly rely on Google Maps to find your way around.There's no denying that Google Maps is[...]
How did Google get so big?
A CBS News’ 60 Minutes report on the power of Google, which aired in the US on May 20, argues[...]
Choose Your Analytics Data Retention Settings — or Lose Your Data
Time is running out.If you’re still not sure what to do when you see the alert notice in your Google[...]
Google Analytics Data Retention — Change Settings or Lose Your Data
You’ve had an email from Google, and seen the alert when you log in to Google Analytics. But you’re not[...]
Responding to Google My Business Reviews
There's plenty of research showing how influential online reviews are on peoples' purchasing decisions. In short, positive reviews attract and[...]
The Real Google Assistant Opportunity
At Google's Developer Conference this week it was announced that Google Assistant will be able to make appointments for people[...]
Who’s about to convert? There’s a report for that
What if you knew which website visitors were most likely to buy from you, and which weren’t? Sure, you can[...]
How Google auto-complete works
Most people will agree that the auto-complete predictions Google presents when you start typing a search query can be a[...]
Facebook ad feature claims to predict user’s future behaviour
As if Facebook wasn't in enough hot water already... The Guardian reports that Facebook is being criticised for hiding an[...]
Have we reached peak advertising?
Maybe so. A US survey reports that over 70% of consumers think ads have become more intrusive and prevalent than[...]
Privacy Laws Get Tough: What NZ companies need to know
May 25. If the date doesn’t mean anything to you, it should. Next month, new EU privacy laws (known as[...]
Facebook Is Making It Easier To Split Test Ads
Waze, the free real-time traffic navigation app from Google is introducing “Waze Local” map-based advertising. This is aimed primarily, (though[...]
Search Overtakes Social Media as Top Source of Traffic
Shareaholic is a US-based 'content amplification service' used by many websites to promote their content across social media platforms.Shareholic analysed[...]
New advertising option for local businesses
Waze, the free real-time traffic navigation app from Google is introducing “Waze Local” map-based advertising. This is aimed primarily, (though[...]