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Facebook ad feature claims to predict user’s future behaviour
As if Facebook wasn't in enough hot water already... The Guardian reports that Facebook is being criticised for hiding an[...]
Have we reached peak advertising?
Maybe so. A US survey reports that over 70% of consumers think ads have become more intrusive and prevalent than[...]
Privacy Laws Get Tough: What NZ companies need to know
May 25. If the date doesn’t mean anything to you, it should. Next month, new EU privacy laws (known as[...]
Facebook Is Making It Easier To Split Test Ads
Waze, the free real-time traffic navigation app from Google is introducing “Waze Local” map-based advertising. This is aimed primarily, (though[...]
Search Overtakes Social Media as Top Source of Traffic
Shareaholic is a US-based 'content amplification service' used by many websites to promote their content across social media platforms.Shareholic analysed[...]
New advertising option for local businesses
Waze, the free real-time traffic navigation app from Google is introducing “Waze Local” map-based advertising. This is aimed primarily, (though[...]
Shopping Actions: Google intros Cost Per Sale Shopping
Google has launched Shopping Actions, displaying product results from major US catalogue retailers on Google Search, the Google Express shopping[...]
Google fights back against Amazon
No, Google's biggest competitor is not Bing.Nor Facebook. By Google's own admission, it's Amazon. And the competition between the two has[...]
Target YouTubers based on their Google searches
Direct Response Nirvana: Target YouTubers based on their Google searchesGoogle’s calling them “Custom Intent Audiences”: YouTube audiences that marketers can[...]
Why keyword search volume estimates can’t be trusted
It’s an SEO conundrum: Why is it you’re not getting the volume of website visitors you thought you would? Especially[...]
Want better Customer Reviews?
Speak up! You’ll get better customer reviews if you reply to them. That’s the conclusion of an exhaustive study of[...]
Google to pay more tax on NZ advertising revenues
NZ Government moves to crack down on tax avoidance by multinational firms are bearing fruit. Google and Facebook, which generate[...]
Google announces AMP for Email
Google has announced AMP for Email - delivering Accelerated Mobile Pages experiences to your inbox.The new spec is available through[...]
Best ROI? It’s Google first, Facebook second
The results are in from a recent survey of senior ad buyers in the US. Are we surprised? Not really.[...]
Even more changes to Google Search Console
The new Search Console has only been out for a month, but Google says that more changes are on the[...]
New Beginnings in 2018
Heading into the break I would like to announce that I will be stepping down as Managing Partner of SureFire[...]
The Ultimate Job? Google NZ is looking for a Country Manager
With just seven more sleeps until Santa arrives this is the last edition of First Thing Monday for 2017. We'll[...]