How Much Like Schapelle Corby is Your Marketing?

May 30, 2017 by

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So, in the past have you made bad marketing decisions?

Did you make the mistake of hanging out with the wrong players in the market?

Found yourself trapped in a dodgy contract or caught by Google with seemingly no escape?

Then, when you are finally at a point where you are able to make a fresh start and begin looking at options you realise things are much more complicated now and the digital marketing world has gone crazy!

There are, however, still plenty of bad options out there…..

As soon as “they” get a sniff you are “out”, the circus & sharks that are after a quick buck start chasing you and harassing you for your time with all sorts of outrageous promises.

At that point you have choices to make:

  1. Fall back into old habits and be sucked in by the shiny offerings that seem too good to be true & party it up before falling from grace yet again or;
  2. Seek guidance from the best in the business that has seen it all and can help you make sense of where you are really at and how to capitalise on the strengths of your current situation while repairing the damage you have done in the past.

Which direction will you choose?

If you are ready for option 2 you can book a free 45-minute call with me and we can talk about making the right choices for your business today and how to set your marketing up for long term success.

I have a few spots left in my calendar so grab them now:

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