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SEO Case Study: Tourism Holdings

Facing increased online competition and an up swell in Internet searches, Tourism Holdings Limited (THL) planned to redevelop its Kiwi Experience site. The goal was to reduce dependence on paid search advertising (which had become less profitable), and to improve organic search traffic and revenue.

SEO challenges included devising rules-based optimisation for user-generated community content; optimisation of the images and videos (which made up a significant percentage of the site’s content); and extensive hand-optimisation for more than 50 of the site’s pages.

The project began with providing recommendations on the new site architecture. In short order, SureFire also reviewed wireframes, completed keyword research and mapping, and gave advice on HTML source code and URL structures.

Prior to launch, meta tags and body content were hand-optimized and redirects implemented for legacy URLs. An SEO audit produced further recommendations, including indexing issues that could only be detected once the site was live.

The audit also uncovered prior recommendations yet to be implemented (among them, title attributes for the navigation links, nofollow attributes on links to admin pages, and implementation of an XML site map). However, because SureFire was involved early in the redesign process, no drastic changes were needed to the new site.

After launch, organic search visits were up by 56%, accounting for half the site’s traffic (up from 32%). Revenue from organic search visitors was up nearly 60%, while paid search spend was halved.

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