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SEO Case Study: TVNZ

SEO had been of limited success for TVNZ before they started working with us. However, development of a new site offered the opportunity to ensure SEO was an integral aspect of the site design, build and ongoing maintenance and, even today, the payback from SEO continues to grow.

TVNZ’s challenges included strong competition (such as The New Zealand Herald and Stuff) together with the website’s size (more than 1.6m pages) and dynamic nature (many more pages were being added every day). Added to this, the new site made extensive use of Ajax and other user enhancement technologies that made it difficult for search engines to read and interpret the content.

We implemented a progressive SEO program that has seen organic search traffic triple (it now provides over half the website’traffic – up from 23%).

We have also developed and provided a series of in-depth SEO reference documents for TVNZ developers, writers and content producers and conducted training workshops for appropriate staff.

For this SEO work, we were awarded the New Zealand Marketing Association’s RSVP Craft award for Best Use of Search Engine Marketing. To date, SureFire remains the only company to have been recognised for SEO by the New Zealand Marketing Association.

“We’ve been very impressed with the SEO campaign SureFire devised and executed for us. The TVNZ website has experienced significant increases in traffic since the re-launch. A key element of this growth has been driven by organic search traffic, which is now our single biggest source of visitors.”

– Tom Cotter, General Manager Content and
Delivery, TVNZ

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