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Google Analytics Case Study: Warehouse Stationery

Warehouse Stationery opened its first stationery retail store in Glenfield in 1991. The company now has a national network of over 50 retail stores, with a Business to Business (B2B) service and an online store. What was missing, when they came to us, was a fully functional ecommerce web analytics solution.

Because phone orders made via the company's contact centre were also processed through the website, the analytics solution also needed to differentiate and segment contact centre activity from that of external visitors.

After initial discussion to understand Warehouse Stationery's needs and objectives, we audited the website, identifying issues and customisation requirements. The many complications included long, code-heavy URLs that were unreadable in reports; use of subdomains and multiple domains; and multiple B2B and B2C routes to purchase.

In addition to generating and testing the compatibility of customised Google Analytics code, we configured analytics settings (including profiles, filters, goals and conversion funnels).

Once implementation was complete and we had verified reporting data, Warehouse Stationery was surprised at the accuracy and level of customisation. Importantly, they could now track major conversion actions (such as purchases, B2C registrations, and B2B credit-application form downloads) by traffic source, assessing the performance of external visitors separately from that for internal contact centre personnel.

“SureFire took on a potentially difficult project with Warehouse Stationery's Google Analytics and managed to deliver a great result, at all times delivering high levels of professionalism and expertise.”

– Peter Barnett, Business Market Manager, Warehouse Stationery

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