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SEO Case Study: HealthPost

HealthPost, a family-owned business based in Golden Bay at the northern tip of the South Island, is an online supplier of natural health, skincare and household products. HealthPost contacted us in advance of the 2012 re-launch of the HealthPost website concerning their plans to extensively revise the site navigation. But there were concerns that this and other changes might adversely affect search engine rankings.

HealthPost was receiving some SEO guidance from its web development company, but realised that expert help was required. Having received conflicting advice on some SEO issues, HealthPost sought us out as a reliable, authoritative source. We were tasked with providing accurate SEO advice and instruction at each stage in the design and development of the site.

For some of our SEO recommendations, implementation would have required considerable time, effort and expense due to

CMS limitations. We involved all parties in order to identify the SEO changes that posed problems, and to discuss and get agreement on practical alternatives.

Linkbuilding was also done for the new site, with a focus on content marketing that ultimately contributed to the new site reaching record levels in organic search traffic and revenue. Organic search traffic from non-brand search terms increased by over 150%; revenue from this traffic went up by 175%.

“Ours is a highly competitive industry, and search is very important to us. But so is website usability. We knew we needed to improve our site, but it was very important that the changes did not negatively affect our search traffic. We turned to SureFire because we needed to be confident in the SEO advice we were getting. Working with SureFire was a very positive experience, and we were really happy with the results.”

– Abel Butler, Director, Ecommerce & Strategy.

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