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What makes a website good?

OK, Google: What makes a website good?

Want to know what Google tells its reviewers to look for in deciding whether or not its algorithms are producing good search results? And what it tells reviewers to look for in deciding website quality

Should You Worry About Your SEO and Google’s Mobile-First Index?

Should You Worry About Your SEO and Google’s Mobile-First Index?

Well, yes, you should. Mike Murray’s guest post at Content Marketing Institute answers all your questions, politely and patiently. Frankly, we admire his restraint: we’ve been banging on about this

Google machine learning responsive search ads

Google Responsive Search ads are here

Want to spend less time creating and running ad campaigns, and more time enjoying the results? Google has you covered if you take at face value Thursday’s Google Marketing Live announcements.With responsive


Google rolling out mobile Speed Update

Google has used page speed as a ranking factor for desktop websites for some time. And now it’s about to become a ranking factor for mobile sites.Later this month Google will start using mobile page


Think You Can Trust Facebook? Check Out These Spying Techniques It’s Already Patenting

This analysis by the New York Times of seven 'creepy' patents lodged by Facebook may disturb you. These patents include Facebook using your smartphone's camera and microphone to actively monitor your emotions


3 Sure Ways to Lose Digital Shoppers

Show them “too many” ads.Don’t save their information — make them re-enter it.Complicate the purchase process — and double-down on shipping prices.Oh, we could go on, but you get the picture.

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