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Google's ongoing fight against spam

Google’s ongoing fight against spam

Last week Google revealed they sent out 6 million manual action messages to websites caught trying to manipulate search ranking by violating Google's guidelines in 2017.Google's algorithms detect the vast


What do the latest trends in video mean for marketers?

What does Meeker’s report have to say about the state of online video in 2018, and what new opportunities does video in 2018 present for marketers?Read more... More Search Marketing News Google Shopping

Browsing with Chrome in Incognito mode isn't so private

Browsing in incognito mode isn’t nearly as private as you think

An unpleasant reality is that porn-related queries are some of the top searches done on Google. Therefore, this recent story by The Guardian may have given some people a panic attack when they realised


How did Google get so big?

A CBS News’ 60 Minutes report on the power of Google, which aired in the US on May 20, argues that Google is definitely a monopoly.The EEC’s Competition Commisioner says there’s proof that Google

Who's accessing your Google Analytics account?

Choose Your Analytics Data Retention Settings — or Lose Your Data

Time is running out.If you’re still not sure what to do when you see the alert notice in your Google Analytics account, don't worry — but you will need to act quickly.Here's what we recommend you do...Read

Google Assistant bot calling

The Real Google Assistant Opportunity

At Google's Developer Conference this week it was announced that Google Assistant will be able to make appointments for people over the phone for things like reserving seats at a restaurant or making an

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