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Who’s about to convert? There’s a report for that

What if you knew which website visitors were most likely to buy from you, and which weren’t? Sure, you can look at engagement and other data...better still, though, you can use the Conversion Probability


How Google auto-complete works

Most people will agree that the auto-complete predictions Google presents when you start typing a search query can be a real time saver. Google estimates that on average, auto-complete reduces typing by

Facebook ad feature claims to predict user's future behaviour

Facebook ad feature claims to predict user’s future behaviour

As if Facebook wasn't in enough hot water already...The Guardian reports that Facebook is being criticised for hiding an advertising product that claims to be able to predict users’ future behaviours


Have we reached peak advertising?

Maybe so. A US survey reports that over 70% of consumers think ads have become more intrusive and prevalent than before. One probable reason: they're simply spending more time online and on different devices.


Facebook Is Making It Easier To Split Test Ads

Facebook now offers an easy solution for split testing ads — also referred to as A/B testing.The ability to split test Facebook ads has been available since last October, when the company began letting

Google Waze local ads

New advertising option for local businesses

Waze, the free real-time traffic navigation app from Google is introducing “Waze Local” map-based advertising. This is aimed primarily, (though not exclusively), at small businesses and enables them

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