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Google Displaying Banner Ads in Search Results?

As discussed in a previous post Google has been testing a new look for their search results. But has this included Google trying out banner ads in their SERPs? (Search engine results pages). Last week


New Google Interface

Rumours have been circulating about Google launching a revamped version of its famously minimalistic search interface. Here are screen shots showing the old & new interfaces side by side. As you’ll


Bing – The Google Killer?

If any search engine has a chance of challenging Google it has to be Bing. But it won’t be because of Bing developing better search technology than Google, or from Microsoft’s deep pocket ...


Bing Wins Audition for David & Goliath Role

After a number of false starts Yahoo & Microsoft have finally agreed to join forces in the battle against search Goliath Google. Recently Yahoo and Microsoft agreed to a 10 year partnership, although


Happy Birthday Google

If you find buying birthday presents for your kids a challenge, what do you buy a 10 year old worth over $150 billion! Hmmm, think I’ll just stick with singing happy birthday… Google you’ve