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Where are you? Google needs to know

The Associated Press has just revealed that Google services store your location data — even if you’ve paused “location history” on your iPhone or Android phone.  Google has responded by updating

Apple Maps

Reasons to choose Apple Maps over Google Maps

Chances are that you regularly rely on Google Maps to find your way around.There's no denying that Google Maps is incredibly powerful and useful. However, an article in 9to5Mac gives five reasons why Apple


Privacy Laws Get Tough: What NZ companies need to know

May 25. If the date doesn’t mean anything to you, it should. Next month, new EU privacy laws (known as GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation), come into force. And, yes, many New Zealand companies

Search versus social media as referral sources

Search Overtakes Social Media as Top Source of Traffic

Shareaholic is a US-based 'content amplification service' used by many websites to promote their content across social media platforms.Shareholic analysed referral traffic to over a quarter of a million