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8 Keyword Research Tips for SEO

Keywords or phrases are the ‘words’ searchers type into the search engine box when they are looking for information regarding a particular topic, products, services or information. Optimising


What’s Best – SEO or Paid Search? [Part 2]

What’s Best – SEO or Paid Search? In the second part of this article we look at the pros & cons of search engine optimisation compared to paid search, plus look at the benefits of using


What’s Best – SEO or Paid Search?

What’s Best – SEO or Paid Search? This is a very common question we get to hear from marketers and is a subject I spoke on recently when the New Zealand Marketing Association ran one of their


Google’s index of unique URLs has reached one trillion.

Google lifts the lid on the number of unique URLs they’ve indexed – 1 trillion. More astounding is Google’s estimate of how many pages are added to the Web each day …


What Is Search Engine Marketing?

If search engine marketing is not currently part of your marketing then chances are you’re giving your competitors a big opportunity…


10 Tips for Starting a Corporate Blog

Decide on why you are writing a Blog and write a clear set of goals and keep to them! Reasons why you should start a blog include; Sharing – sharing knowledge that’s useful to others is a

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