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Customer Service Chatbots come to Facebook Messenger

Your next customer service call may be on Facebook Messenger where a bot will help you choose and book your airline tickets Facebook may have just ushered in the next revolution in customer service, introducing


New tool boosts Facebook ad results

Facebook launches Delivery Insights to assist struggling advertisers For all the potential that Facebook offers marketers, launching ad campaigns that consistently reach all the intended audience and


Facebook defends video view definition

We’ve commented before on the difference between what YouTube calls a video view (30 seconds, with the sound on), and what passes for one on Facebook. Now, for the first time, Facebook has publicly


Arrested for not using Twitter

Sounds like a spoof story, but apparently this actually happened. To control a crowd of hysterical teenage girls NY police demanded an executive use Twitter and send out a Tweet telling them to disperse. He


Becoming a Social Media Socialite

So you want to dip your toe in the social media pool, and why wouldn’t you? But, before you dive in, here are a number of considerations which will help you catch the wave to social media superstard...