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Google Analytics Data Retention — Change Settings or Lose Your Data

You’ve had an email from Google, and seen the alert when you log in to Google Analytics. But you’re not sure what to do.Tick, tock: You need to make your choice before Friday.Do nothing and you’ll


Google Analytics improves SEO data integration

Good news this week for SEO analysts: Google’s replacing the Search Engine Optimisation report in Google Analytics with Google Search Console data. The new report, rolling out in the next few weeks,


Facebook defends video view definition

We’ve commented before on the difference between what YouTube calls a video view (30 seconds, with the sound on), and what passes for one on Facebook. Now, for the first time, Facebook has publicly


Why Use Web Analytics?

It used to be the case that websites did not contribute greatly to your business. It was just one of those things your Marketing manager said you needed because everyone else had one ajd it allowed customers