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“A great result”


SureFire took on a potentially difficult project with Warehouse Stationery's Google Analytics and managed to deliver a great result, at all times delivering high levels of professionalism and expertise.

Peter Barnett (Business Market Manager, Warehouse Stationery)

Making Google Analytics Work for Yo​u

When implemented correctly, Google Analytics is a gold mine of information. Information that can show you what changes you need to make to your website and marketing campaigns to get better results.

We offer various Google Analytics services to help you make the most of the valuable performance data it provides marketers. Whether you’re running a single website or a network of complex e-commerce sites, you want to have confidence that your analytics data is accurate.

You’ll also want to go beyond the data to understand the implications for your marketing programs, your website and your business.

Our Google Analytics services include setup, customisation and data integration with other reporting platforms; tag management; implementation audits; custom reporting, analysis and recommendations.

We get a lot of questions about Google Analytics. Here are some of the more common ones…


Our website developer set up Google Analytics for us, but we don’t really use it or know how to use it. Can you help?

Of course. Yours is a common enough situation.

Maybe you want to know just enough to be comfortable pulling reports. Or perhaps you want to understand and make full use of your Google Analytics account.

We’ve helped a variety of clients come to grips with Google Analytics. We’ve also assisted others with complex setups that required specialised customisation for them to get full benefit.


Can you help us customise Google Analytics? We want to add some filters, segments and custom dashboards, but don’t know where to start.

We can certainly help.

Knowing where to start is harder if you’re not sure of all your options. And that may be the case for you if you’re not always using Google Analytics (like we are).

But it’s also hard to know where to start if you’re not sure what you want to achieve.

Once we’ve spoken to you (and possibly others in your team), we’ll know what exactly you need. Then we can make the changes that will have Google Analytics working just the way you want it to.


We have Google Analytics but we haven’t decided what’s important to track, and we haven’t set up any goals or decided what our targets should be. Is this something you can help us with?

Definitely - and we’re glad you asked before filling your Google Analytics account with goals that are of minor importance (if they are important at all).

We can help - even if you don’t already have business KPIs, don’t know the likelihood of leads becoming sales, and have never thought about Lifetime Customer Value. We can help you:

  • 1
    Decide your targets and set benchmarks
  • 2
    Choose the important website events and goal conversions to track
  • 3
    Establish goal conversion values
  • 4
    Set up custom performance reporting
  • 5
    And more besides

And if you have already filled your Google Analytics account with random goals that seemed good at the time, we’ll help you decide which ones to keep!


What is a good bounce rate? What is a good conversion rate? How do we know if our site is performing well?

If you’re not sure how well your site is performing, it’s probably not a good thing to use a random average as a benchmark. Results can vary widely by industry, vertical and market, and “average” can be meaningless.

Bounce rates and conversion rates can be a good yardstick but have their own problems. Don’t rely on them when comparing your results with others.

Even a high bounce rate can be a good thing - if a visitor got what they needed from your website without needing to go beyond the landing page.

Conversion rates differ widely depending on what is being counted as a conversion, and the number of conversion opportunities.

It’s best to identify what changes should be made to improve website and marketing performance. Make your goal one of continuously improving your results.

And if you think you need help, we’re happy to assist.


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The Approach We Take With Google Analytics


set up

Where there are evident issues with data reliability and tracking, we will conduct a detailed audit of your analytics setup and reporting.

And before commencing an SEO or Google AdWords advertising campaign, we’ll review your analytics to make sure that there are no obvious issues and that campaign KPIs can be tracked and reported.

In both instances, we’ll highlight and prioritise any necessary fixes, together with any customisation opportunities that’ll help you and your team get more value from analytics reporting.

Setting KPIs
We can help you identify and set Key Performance Indicators.

KPIs need to be both measurable and actionable, and they need to be aligned with the goals important to your business.

We can help if you need bespoke Google Analytics tracking and reporting.

We’ll meet with the different analytics users and discuss KPI and reporting requirements. Then we’ll setup and configure your account; generate, implement and test any custom code; and follow up with on-site training.

We’ll also help should you need to integrate Google Analytics data with other platforms


using the data

Once you’re accurately tracking and reporting website data, the real challenge can be in knowing what exactly you should be doing with it. What’s it telling you? And just what important changes should you be making to improve your results?

If you’re struggling to make sense of your analytics data, we’re here to help.

To find the actionable insights in your analytics data, you can’t consider particular metrics in isolation. We’ll examine the relationships between data sets, helping you by focusing on the “why” in your data rather than the “what”.

We’ll help by revealing the patterns and trends in website visitor behaviour and activity, and their implications for your website, your marketing campaigns and your business.

Our findings will be presented in such a way that they can be easily communicated to others in your business.

Any time spent in analysing your analytics data is wasted if you don’t act on the findings. We’ll highlight the essential actions to take in addressing the challenges and opportunities for your business.

And, with your help, we’ll also determine whose doing what and when, to ensure important tasks get done.



If your in-house marketing team is to be truly effective, they shouldn’t be reliant on your ad agency and other partners to know how well their digital campaigns are going.

We can provide you with one-to-one or small group sessions, held on-site or at our offices. These workshop-style courses are tailored to your company’s needs and use your data.

Training is provided by a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) certified trainer and includes setup of custom dashboards and reports.

It’s true that you don’t always know what you don’t know. But after talking to your analytics users to establish their familiarity with analytics and confirm their reporting needs, we’ll know what training is needed.

We’ll provide you with an agenda for your custom training session, together with timing and pricing.

Course Materials
We’ll provide a step-by-step instruction guide designed to guide your team in gathering the data they need. The guide includes details onsetting up filters, custom segments, dashboards and automated reports.

If you want to make the most of the training we provide, it’s a good idea to consider a follow-up session to ensure your employees are getting the most from their training.

We’ll address any questions or problems users have encountered when putting what they’ve learnt into practice, and provide any help they might need in making productive use of Google Analytics.


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