“Add a Business” now in the Google Maps App

Adding a new or missing business location in Google maps just got a whole lot easier.

As of the 4th of November in the latest Google Maps App update, (Version 4.12.0), you can now add a new or missing business location.

You were previously not able to do this and if you have not updated the app when you  open the menu on your phone your menu options will be as per the below image:

Google Maps Add New Business

If this is what you still get don’t stress out you may just need to update the app.

Once you have done that open the menu and then you will see the option of “Add a missing business” just under settings. If you then click on that link you will be taken to an “Add a place” page which you can add details about the business and location as per below.


Add New Business Google Maps App     Add New Business Google Maps App

That information will be submitted to the review team and then you (and the owner of that account if they already have a business with that website URL listed) will receive updates on the progress or the review.

Why should you care?

Making adding a business so much easier has both positive and negative implications. On one hand it just got really easy for anyone to add information about our business to Google and Google Maps.

On the other hand the information that can be added using the app is limited and you will still need to add images and descriptions using the usual interface. Having the base data of location, phone number and website is hardly best practice for optimisation.

The listing should still be updated with all relevant details including optimised copy for the business description and optimised images etc. This will enhance the listings relevance and therefore opportunity to appear in the top 3 maps listings when people do a Google Search for products or services you offer in that area.


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