AdWords Gets a New Competitor

Looking for potential new customers who are unfamiliar with your brand? For some advertisers, Pinterest will be just the right place to start.

Google, however, is constantly making changes to AdWords, and this past week was no exception. Coming soon, we’ve been told, is parallel tracking, while days to conversion segmentation is already here.


AdWords gets a new Competitor: Pinterest

It may never be the next AdWords, but watch out Facebook. Advertisers looking for new audiences interested in their products now have another shiny new option: Pinterest Ads Manager.


Keyword targeting (exact, phrase and broad-match, together with negatives) is an option, as is auto-targeting. Auto-targeting matches ads to queries considered relevant according to the company’s Taste Graph, based on its index of over 100 billion pins and their associated metadata.

More than two billion searches take place on Pinterest each month, and only three percent of these are brand-related. That suggests that Pinterest ads will be an effective way for brands to reach people while they’re still considering their next buying decision.

Pinterest Ads Manager is now open to all businesses who have opened an account and uploaded at least one Pin.

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Booking buttons come to Google local results

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have realised that Google My Business is quickly morphing into something much bigger than it has been.

First, there was Google Posts, then Google Answers, and (as of last week) Google Bookings (currently for US businesses only). Bookings allows searchers to make a restaurant, hairdresser, spa, fitness class or other booking with a local business via their My Business listing in Search results or on Google Maps.

No word on when this option will be available in other countries, as expansion will require integration with many more booking providers (there are currently 15, with five more coming soon).

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Why Australia? We have 10 Good Reasons

NZ online businesses should know that perhaps their biggest market is just across the ditch, but now the rest of the world is waking up to Australia’s potential. And we’re not just talking Amazon.

What’s getting them excited? Australia is on course to be in the top 10 of all countries worldwide for online sales this year, much of this via mobile.

Econsultancy columnist Greg Randall has good reasons (10 of them) why international retailers should have Australia in their plans.

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Parallel tracking: Google to speed ad landing page load times

Every micro-second counts when attracting mobile visitors to your website. And third-party tracking can be bug bear — advertisers often need them to track performance, but they can slow page loads down just long enough for mobile users to give up on waiting.

Google has already introduced one way for advertisers to improve the mobile experience: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages for AdWords. Now there’s Parallel tracking: the landing page starts loading while tracking codes are processed in the background, rather than afterwards.

Third-party providers still have some time to make their platforms compliant. Parallel tracking starts roll-out later this year (but will be optional). It will be the default option for all ads next year but standard tracking will be still be used to track clicks via unsupported browsers.

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New AdWords Days-to-Conversion segmentation

Two days? 30? Six weeks? AdWords reports can now be segmented to show how many days a conversion occurred after a user clicked on an ad. Advertisers should find that information useful in knowing when bid and other optimisation changes are necessary.

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