AdWords Phone Numbers Now Need Verification

Following the recent release of Call Only AdWords campaigns, Google will require (from June onwards) that all call and location extension phone numbers be verified.

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Businesses that have been through Google My Business verification will be relieved to know that the phone number verification process is a simple one, without any need to answer postcards or, indeed, phone calls from Google.

AdWords phone numbers can be verified in any one of three ways:

  1. Make sure the phone number used in the extension is also listed on your website (in text).
  2. Link your AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools accounts.
  3. Add your AdWords conversion code snippet to the landing page in your ad.

If you are using a third party call tracking system, Google will still accept options 2 and 3.

Why should you care?

For most businesses, using call or location extensions in AdWords is a no-brainer. Clickthrough rates tend to be higher when your ads are shown with extensions, but you also make it easier for customers to contact you. You will, however, need to make sure that your phone numbers are verified if call and location extensions are to be shown with your ads from June onwards.

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