Bing Ads add Image Extensions

Bing has recently announced that Image Extensions are back and now available in all markets, including New Zealand. Image extensions will be served on both PC and Tablet across the Bing network.

Image extensions are a great way to help your ads stand out from the competition. Bing Ads enables you to upload up to six images to be shown alongside your ad copy and other (Sitelink, Call, Location and App) ad extensions.

In addition to taking up more “real estate” on the SERP you can add other extensions to provide additional calls-to-action and you also have the option to provide a unique URL for each image served, so you can customise where you point potential customers.

Bing Image Extensions

While Bing has been seen by many as the “poor cousin” to Google over the years they have invested heavily in improving the functionality and tools of the Bing Ads product.

As only a minority of Google AdWords advertisters are eligible to use image extensions in AdWords ads, Bing’s announcement helps further differentiate Bing search.

Why should you care?

Firstly the fact that Bing does not have the search volume Google does also means there is less competition and in general a lower cost per click and cost per conversion. We see up to 50% lower cost (and higher conversion ratios) with many Bing campaigns. While you still need to run AdWords as 90% of the search volume is still there, allocating some of your budget to Bing can be a smart move.

And, as Bing Image Extensions are new to the New Zealand market, they present first-movers with an opportunity to differentiate their ads from the competition.

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