Bing Testing Native and Dynamic Search Ads

Bing announced last week during the Bing Ads Next event that they have started testing both Native and Dynamic Search Ads with the view of a full launch in 2017.

Dynamic Search Ads:

For those of you not familiar with Dynamic Search Ads they are a simple way to target the network based on content on your website. You then write the text of the Ad and Bing Handles the rest. Bing Ads will then dynamically generate your headlines based on the keywords used in the search query and choose the best landing page to send searchers to. You don’t have to worry about keywords, ad titles, or bids.



Bing Native Ads:

Bing Native Ads are targeted ads that appear within the content of web pages. Native ads consist of a headline, text, and URL. A “Sponsored” notation appears with the ads.

The ads are placed on pages with relevant content and so the context is in line with the page they are associated with & therefore fair to assume that the consumer visiting the page has an interest in the products advertised.

Advertisers can use the ads for everything from building awareness to generating conversions.


During the test phase, the ads will be showing on the MSN network of that has an audience of around 55 million. Microsoft plans to expand its “intent network” to more syndication partners as it builds out the platform over the next few months, which will open more possibilities for advertisers.

According to Bing data, the click-through rate for Bing Native Ads is, on average, 5-7x higher than the average CTR on display ads that appeared on MSN pages.


Why should you care?

Google have been running Dynamic Search Ads since 2011 so this is nothing new to the search landscape. The good news is that Bing is continuing to play catch up and developing some great tools.  These latest additions are on the timeline for general release in early 2017.

Very much like the other Bing Ads in the NZ market, it is very likely these ads will be available at a fraction of the price already paying on the Google networks due to the lack of competition on the Bing network.

Early adopters can be rewarded for the extra effort of running Bing alongside Google with lower CPC’s and CPA’s.

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