Browsing with Chrome in Incognito mode isn't so private

Browsing in incognito mode isn’t nearly as private as you think

An unpleasant reality is that porn-related queries are some of the top searches done on Google. Therefore, this recent story by The Guardian may have given some people a panic attack when they realised how evasive true anonymity on the web is.

Amongst other things, the article draws attention to the fact that when you're logged into your Google account, Google tracks and logs all your activity, including ‘Incognito’ private sessions.

This logged information can be viewed by going to Google My Activity. Here you'll find all of your account history, including things you’ve searched for, websites you’ve visited, and videos you’ve watched.

You may be surprised by what you find - especially if you use a shared computer. If required, there's an option within your Google My Activity to delete information you want removed.

Go here to check out your Google My Activity account and the Guardian article.

Meeker: Are we at Peak Internet?

We don’t usually look forward to slide presentations, and certainly not those that run close to 300 slides. But we’ll make an exception for trend-spotter Mary Meeker.

Meeker’s annual report on the Internet and how we are using it always manages to include a few attention-grabbing observations.

Meeker presented at Recode’s Code Conference on Wednesday. You can follow her presentation and read some initial analysis here, read the transcript here, and download the deck here.

Five reasons to choose Apple Maps over Google Maps

Apple Maps

Chances are that you regularly rely on Google Maps to find your way around.

There's no denying that Google Maps is incredibly powerful and useful.

However, the author of an article in 9to5Mac gives five reasons why Apple Maps is a better option.

One reason stands out and here's our take on it...

Google Chrome dropping green 'Secure' lock on HTTPS sites

HTTPS secure padlock in Chrome

Instead of highlighting web pages that are secure, Google will soon switch to more assertively warning people away from non-secure web pages.

That's likely to result in such pages experiencing big drops in traffic.

If this doesn't encourage you to switch any non-secure websites you have to HTTPS, then what will?

Here's an easy way to move your site to HTTPS.

Google Maps testing interface with categories of local search suggestions

Google is always trying new things with the Maps app's interface and recently another change being tested has been spotted: a scrolling floating bar of category searches is showing up on the top of the screen.

Check it out

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