It is good to feel the love of our clients

Some feedback is just too good not to share. While we take a proactive approach with all our clients, many of our new clients haven’t been used to the level of service and focus on outcomes that we have.

It was great to get this feedback from MedSailors last week. The painful SEO and PPC journey they have been on over the years is all too familiar, as is the impact they have seen on their business after working with SureFire for just 2 short months:

“We recognised the importance of SEO & PPC back in 2010 when we first started our business. Like most small business cash was always premium so we looked for the shortest / most cost effective solution to getting to the pot at the end of the road. Unfortunately, the ‘shortcuts’ that were suggested proved costly with evolving algorithms that looked through black hat techniques and caused us long term search implications. In 2013 we thought we were moving into safe hands with New Zealand’s ‘leading SEO company’, it turned out we weren’t. They tried to fit us in their ‘box’ and provided no flexibility to resolving any issues sat outside those 4 walls.

Two and a half years later and almost 100 thousand dollars we had achieved little to no progress with the ‘leading experts’ other than promises of progress just around the corner. I had completely lost faith in SEO and the industry. They had no idea and didn’t really give a damn.

At the start of 2016 we met with Surefire. Within our first month working together our results were staggering. For the first time we had a partner that gave a damn about achieving results that we required and not just an invoice. We now have a first-class partner that has delivered us savings through both acquisition and CCP campaigns.

You get what you pay for, our relationship with Surefire is an investment that I finally have confidence in.”

Daniel Painter – Managing Director of MedSailors.

From a partner’s perspective, it is also a joy to work with clients that see the value of  not just investing in SEO and PPC, but having frank discussions about their, goals, challenges and potential strategies to achieve them.

SureFire will never go out to compete on price but we are absolutely confident we will win every time on value!

Thanks again Dan and the team at Med Sailors for choosing to work with SureFire – we really do have a true Win-Win relationship.

SureFire Search Client Feedback

About the Author Glenn Marvin

Glenn is a Partner and Senior Consultant who has had a very successful career building growth companies in the private equity arena. He has a wealth of experience in both the digital space and strategy development. Prior to becoming a partner in SureFire Glenn built one of the largest digital teams in New Zealand for a NASDAQ listed global online marketing company & Google's largest premium partner.

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