Facebook Is Making It Easier To Split Test Ads

Facebook now offers an easy solution for split testing ads — also referred to as A/B testing.

The ability to split test Facebook ads has been available since last October, when the company began letting advertisers compare ad formats, creative options, calls to action, and other advertising elements.

Now it’s easier to conduct these tests and learn more about what resonates with your audience. Split tests can be created in the Quick Creations flow, when before they could only be created in Ads Manager’s Guided Creation workflow.

Search Overtakes Social Media as Top Source of Traffic

Search versus social media as referral sources

​Analysis of referral traffic to over a quarter of a million websites last year shows that, for the first time since 2014, Search generated more website traffic than social media.

Website owners need to be aware of changes in trends like these and adjust their online promotional strategies accordingly. Three insightful recommendations from the report are worth checking out.

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Bing Ads Introduces Price Extensions

Bing has launched a new feature that will allow users to add price extensions to search ads.

Price extensions let advertisers more effectively showcase products or services, with clicks leading to a sales page on their own website or a third-party storefront.

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Google Maps Now Highlights Locations of Active Shootings

Google Maps Now Highlights Locations of Active Shootings
Just how bad does it have to be in the US when Google Maps now highlights where local shootings are taking place.

This was noticed when the recent YouTube Headquarters shooting was taking place.

Underneath the alert there is a line of text indicating when the information was last updated. This will help users know the information they’re looking at is current.

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