Google announces AMP for Email

Google announces AMP for Email

Google has announced AMP for Email - delivering Accelerated Mobile Pages experiences to your inbox.

The new spec is available through the Gmail Developer Preview, with support in Gmail slated for later this year.

Effective immediately, developers can sign up for preview access to the AMP for Email spec and begin developing rich, interactive, engaging email experiences within Gmail.

Google notes the following benefits for incorporating AMP experiences into Gmail:

1. Content that is kept up-to-date in real-time
2. The ability for recipients to browse and interact with content
3. Users getting more done in less time without having to leave email

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Snapchat opens its advertising API to everyone

Whether you get Snapchat or not it is a platform that has massive engagement and plenty of opportunity for advertisers.

Snapchat is opening up the automated ad-buying toolkit to all advertisers, agencies and third-party developers, Snap announced last week.

Through Snap’s Marketing API, companies can develop their own programs to buy and target Snapchat’s vertical video Snap Ads and Sponsored Filters.

For advertisers, the Marketing API removes the need to go through Snap’s direct sales team, pay for third-party software or manually place each ad buy using Snap’s self-serve ad-buying tool

Developers can access the API here...
Advertisers can access the Snapchat ad platform here...

45% of marketers cite content & experience management as top priority in 2018

In an E-consultancy global survey of 12,795 marketing, creative and technology professionals, 45% of companies cite content and experience management as their number one, demonstrating the importance of ensuring effective interactions with customers across multiple touchpoints.

This also looks to be a key differentiator. Top-performing companies are 50% more likely than their peers to have well-designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication and a seamless transaction.

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Google pulls View Image from Image Search

Settling a long-running antitrust case with Getty Images, Google has removed the “view image” option from Image Search. The move is intended to thwart users from stealing copyright-protected images.

Google has also removed the “search by image” option that previously allowed you to find similar images to the one you were viewing.


AdWords: Clicks are down, and they’re costing more

Marin Software’s Q4 Digital Benchmark Report confirms what we’ve seen in some of our accounts. Smart bidding strategies, the removal of daily campaign budget caps and constraints on enhanced CPC bid prices — all have contributed to higher bids. And audience targeting, although under-utilized, is a likely contributor to an overall increase in clickthrough rates.

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