First Thing Monday – Aug 7 2017

There’s always plenty happening in the fast-moving world of online search and advertising. Here’s a summary of key things that caught our eye last week…

Is This How Google Will Collapse?


The idea of Google failing may sound as preposterous today as did the idea of the Titanic sinking before its first voyage back in 1912. Impossible, surely!

Hopefully, Google won’t fail. However, Internet history is littered with the corpses of search engines which once seemed to have unassailable dominance. Alta Vista, Yahoo, and Hotbot are just three which spring to mind.

In this speculative article, Daniel James imagines a “very near, post-Google” future and examines the challenges Google is currently facing. Could this be how Google goes under? Read more…

Google revamping Google Search Console
Google Search Console is an important tool for optimizing your website’s search performance. Google has announced an “extensive redesign” and will start showcasing the revamped product by releasing two new beta features in the coming weeks. Apparently, the new reports will provide more actionable insights, better workflow support and faster feedback. These features will initially only be available to a small set of users, with other users being introduced to the new redesign over the coming weeks.  Read More…..

Google Earnings Report out and it is MASSIVE
Google’s parent company Alphabet has reported just over $26 billion in total revenues (up 21 percent), with Google contributing all but $248 million of that amount. Click here to view the breakdown.

Stop Making This Google Search Console Position Mistake
AJ Kohn explains why many people misunderstand the position reports in Google Search Console. It’s an easy mistake to make. Here’s why you should only trust position reports when looking at query data and not page or site data. Read more…

Instagram Stories has emerged as a clear favourite for marketers over Snapchat
A year since Instagram launched its Snapchat clone, Instagram Stories, marketers seem to have settled on a clear favourite. Instagram’s pure scale, evident in its reach, targeting and retargeting capabilities, has made it an attractive bet for brands, who have been moving “millions of dollars” to run ads on it. Read more …

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