First Thing Monday – Aug 21 2017 NZ’s First Digital Salaries Report [and More]

There’s always plenty happening in the fast-moving world of online search and advertising. Here’s a summary of key things that caught our eye last week…


NZ’s First Digital Salaries Report: How Do You Stack Up?
Well, we know you can’t resist having a sneaky peek to see how your package stacks up against other digital marketers (or how much your marketer is being paid).
Deputy Editor of Idealog Elly Strang has compiled a great overview of the first digital salaries report comparing roles and locations in NZ and Australia.
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Google Warns Publishers About Annoying Ads

Early next year, Google’s Chrome browser will stop showing ads on websites that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

Publishers can see if their websites have been reviewed by Google and require changes. While less than one percent of sites reviewed so far (700 in total) do require publishers take action, there are (as we mentioned last week) some heavy hitters among them.

To see if a site passes the test or (like the Los Angeles Times, CBS News, Kiplinger and Lifehacker) fails, head to the Ad Experience Report.

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Facebook’s Willingness to Copy Rivals’ Apps Seen as Hurting Innovation
Facebook is blatantly copying features in other apps of buying out small innovative competitors to absorb their IP and interviews with two dozen top investors and entrepreneurs suggest it is creating a strong disincentive for investors looking at startups.

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A Better Search Engine? Presearch Wants To Be

Amazon competitor ShopCity filed an anti-trust complaint against Google some years back, claiming Google was rigging search results to ShopCity’s disadvantage. Now the company’s founder returns with a would-be Google replacement.

A beta version of Presearch, an “open and community-driven search engine”, launches at end of next month.

Project lead Colin Pape describes Presearch as a decentralised search engine (with “open and transparent ranking factors”). Results are community-curated (much like the short-lived Jimmy Wales project Wikia Search), and members rewarded with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.

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Four Big Reasons Your Email Campaigns Are Being Ignored
Email drives more conversions than both search and social. Your messages are five times more likely to be viewed than your Facebook posts, 40 times more likely to lead to customer acquisition than your well-planned social media campaign, and (take a deep breath for this one), the potential ROI of email marketing is 3800%.

So Where Are You Going Wrong?

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