First Thing Monday – July 17 2017

Last week we learnt just how out of touch ad agency professionals really are: could they be spending more of your budget where less is needed?

We also wondered what Google was up to, paying to help automate publication of local news stories.

And we woke up to a message Facebook had for its 1.2 billion Messenger users: “You’ve got ads!”.


Coming soon to a Screen Near You: Facebook Messenger ads

After beta tests in Australia and Thailand, Facebook is making Messenger ads available worldwide.

By default, Facebook traffic and conversion campaigns will also be eligible for display on the home tab feed of Messenger’s 1.2 billion users worldwide.

Labelled as “sponsored” ads, Messenger ads include a headline, copy, image and calls to action. They can link directly to a website or to a chat conversation.

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Is Your Agency out of touch?

Ad agency professionals significantly overestimate just how much other people use social media, and could be spending more of your budget where less is needed.

That’s not just us talking. That’s according to a study from ThinkTV, an Australian research and marketing company. While only Australian agency professionals were surveyed, we have no reason to think the results would be much different here.

We don’t know where they dreamed up these numbers but those who worked at ad agencies thought that in the past seven days:

  • 32% of the population had used Buzzfeed. The actual figure (from the average Australians polled) was 7%.
  • 53% had used Twitter. Wrong again — only 13% had.
  • 76% had used Snapchat. No, try 25%.
  • 89% had used Instagram. But only 33% had.
  • 94% had used YouTube (but only 61% had).
  • Everyone had used Facebook. No — 79%.

Honestly? Laugh or cry? Help us decide.

ThinkTV surveyed over 1,600 Australian advertising professionals and more than 1,000 members of the Australian public. Polling was by Professor Karen Nelson-Field, professor of media innovation at Adelaide University.

Sure, ThinkTV is backed by Nine Network, Seven Network, Network Ten and Multi-Channel Network/Foxtel and has its own agenda (to “demonstrate how advertising in broadcast-quality content environments provides the greatest return on investment”). But anyone who thinks that more than half the population of any country used Twitter last week is living in a bubble.

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Just the Syntax, Ma’am: Google funds local news reports

Google is giving the UK’s Press Association about £625k.

“Why?”, you ask.

Good question: it’s to build software that will automate the writing of 30,000 local stories a month.

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Why People Block Ads (And What It Means for Marketers)

Pop-up ads, auto-play videos, distracting animations, irrelevant offers…

Sure, we’ve got our own ideas as to why people might want to use an ad blocker.

But HubSpot has done the research and has all the answers.


The company partnered with AdBlock Plus and independent survey panel provider SSI to get responses from 1,055 online browsers in the US and Europe.

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This will make you laugh: The Top 20 Clickbait Headlines

Content-analytics platform BuzzSumo has analysed clickbait headlines to determine the three-word phrases getting the highest (and lowest) engagement on Facebook.

The company looked at over 100 million headlines published between March and early May this year.

You won’t believe the results….


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